Former running back jailed in for failure to pay child support

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The consequences for failure to pay child support in Florida can be harsh. A former NFL running back was recently jailed in Florida for failure to pay child support. The former New England Patriots running back turned himself in and was released from jail 17 hours later after he paid a “cash purge” of $7,924. The court will hold an individual for failure to pay child support on a “cash purge” until a determined amount is paid in lieu of bond. Although the amount of child support due is unknown, after paying the $7,924 the former running back was released.

The 27-year old former football player faced the threat of 30 days in jail. The 33-year old mother of the child filed a paternity petition last year following the child’s birth in the fall of 2015. The paternity case has been progressing through the family law system over the past year and a half. The penalties for failure to pay child support in Florida can be significant and should not be ignored.

Potential penalties for failure to pay child support include driver’s license suspension, suspension of an occupational or business license, interception of tax returns, wage garnishment, the denial of a passport or refusal to renew a passport. The failure to pay child support can lead to serious consequences which is why, instead of ignoring child support obligations, parents struggling to pay child should be familiar with the resources that may be available to help them through the family law process.

In certain circumstances, a parent struggling to make child support payments may be able to seek and receive a child support modification. Parents struggling to pay child support should always work with the family law process rather than simply ignore child support obligations.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Ex-Patriots RB Jonas Gray jailed for not paying child support,” Greg Auman, Oct. 4, 2017

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