Baseball player sued in Florida for child support

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Child support can be a complex issue but understanding how it is determined in Florida can help. A major league baseball player has been sued in Florida court for child support and to establish paternity of two children a woman living in Florida asserts he fathered. Miguel Cabrera has been sued by the mother of the two children for allegedly failing to provide sufficient child support for the two children he fathered with her. Though Cabrera has been married to his wife for 15 years, and has three children with her, the Florida woman alleges in her suit he fathered children with her in 2013 and 2015.

The baseball slugger had been paying the woman $6,400 per month in child support but reduced the child support payments after he helped her purchase a house in Florida earlier this year. The mortgage for the new home was nearly $1 million. The woman accuses Cabrera of leaving her with too few resources to pay for her expenses and the home. The woman has also been reported to have requested paternity tests to confirm Cabrera is the father of the two children.

Under Florida law, parents are required to pay a percentage of their income in child support which takes into account their salary, the number of children being supported and other factors and considerations. In determining child support, the court has some discretion and flexibility in Florida. Florida follows child support guidelines and uses a child support formula to determine child support which can help parents know what to expect in terms of support paid and support received.

In addition, understanding how child support, and paternity as well, are determined under Florida law can be helpful for parents and understanding child support can help parents seek a child support modification if needed. Child support can be a contentious issue but the family law system provides ample resources to help parents sort out their child support concerns.

Source:, “Orlando Woman Sues Miguel Cabrera Over Reduced Child Support Payments,” Patrick Redford, Oct. 16, 2017

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