Don’t start the New Year with a drunk driving conviction

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The winter holiday season is officially here, and even though Floridians may not get to see the snow that other Americans experience during the colder months of the year they will undoubtedly be celebrating the many special days that occur during November, December, and January. The end of the year brings gatherings with co-workers and friends, family members, and loved ones, all which often include good food, conversations, and more likely than not, drinks.

Those who choose to drink need to be careful, though, as it is not uncommon for law enforcement officials in Florida and throughout the rest of the nation to be on the lookout for drunk drivers during the holiday season. An arrest based on alleged drunk driving can start the New Year off on the wrong foot for any Floridian and may force them to confront difficult legal issues rather new hope and happiness as the calendar turns over from 2017 to 2018.

Drunk driving is a serious legal problem that can result in a person losing their license, becoming liable for financial penalties, and even landing in jail, depending upon the severity of their alleged crime. A drunk driving conviction may impact a person’s ability to do their job, earn a wage, and support their family.

Although every drunk driving case should be reviewed and evaluated based on its own circumstances, individuals facing drunk driving charges are not without rights. They can consult with attorneys like those of Winter Spires & Associates to learn about their defense options and to discover possible legal strategies that could protect them from criminal conviction. To contact Winters Spires & Associates, or to simply learn more about the firm, readers are invited to visit them online through their drunk driving website.

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