BAC level may alter drunk driving charges

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A drunk driving conviction can alter the course of a Florida resident’s life. However, not all DUI charges are the same. Depending upon the concentration of alcohol allegedly found in a person’s blood, their charges may vary. This post will examine some of the ways that BAC may influence drunk driving charges, but readers are cautioned that this post is neither comprehensive of the state’s laws nor offered to provide legal advice.

The state recognizes a per se drunk driving BAC level of .08 percent. That means that if a person is found to have enough alcohol in their blood to raise the concentration to .08 percent, then they are found to be driving drunk regardless of their conduct. Minors who are prohibited by law from drinking have a zero tolerance BAC level of .02 percent.

However, a person’s BAC can rise above .08 percent depending upon many factors, including but not limited to their size, their weight, and the number of drinks that they have consumed. If a driver is found to have been drinking while driving and their BAC is at or above .15 percent, then they may face heightened charges of aggravated drunk driving.

A DUI conviction, regardless of a person’s BAC level, can cost them a great deal. They may have to pay a significant fine and, depending upon their charge for which they are convicted, they may be forced to spend time in jail. A DUI conviction can also cause a person to lose their driving privileges and may result in their vehicle being confiscated. While no legal outcome can ever be guaranteed, many individuals choose to discuss their legal options with DUI defense attorneys when such legal matters arise in their lives.

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