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Over the last few weeks, this Florida-based drunk driving defense legal blog offered a brief review of how a person’s blood alcohol concentration may impact the type of charge that is filed against them. While a low BAC level is not an automatic indicator that a person will be charged with a less serious crime, significant legal challenges can face a person whose BAC is well above the state’s legal limit of .08 percent.

An aggravated drunk driving conviction may be met with more than the loss of an individual’s driving privileges. They may be forced to face significant legal penalties and pay fines for their alleged illegal conduct. They may even be forced to spend time in prison if the crime for which they are convicted involved harm to a victim. No DUI or drunk driving charge should be considered minor, but aggravated DUI can carry significant criminal consequences that should be aggressively defended against.

It is important that readers understand that all legal matters, including those involving alleged drunk driving, are unique. This means that they should be handled in accordance with the facts and circumstances that surround their alleged wrongdoing. However, in some situations a person facing DUI charges may be able to bring down their charges or the penalties that prosecutors wish to impose through plea deals and negotiations. If this is not an option or if the negotiations fail to result in a favorable outcome, then criminal defense options may still remain by taking the matter to trial.

The attorneys of Winter Spires & Associates zealously defend all of their DUI, OUI, and drunk driving clients, but they also understand that different criminal defense strategies serve different people’s needs. To discuss possible defense and plea negotiation options with committed legal representatives, readers are invited to visit Winter Spires & Associates online through the firm’s DUI defense website.

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