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Can a person challenge the results of a field sobriety test?

Field sobriety tests are real-time assessments that law enforcement officials make of individuals who they suspect are driving while drunk. In Florida, the police can use a variety of field sobriety tests to look for signs of alcohol impairment in drivers, such as the one-leg stand or the walk-and-turn test. Although there are guidelines on how law enforcement officials are to execute these assessments, it is possible for some drivers to challenge the results of their field sobriety tests and to have the evidence collected from them excluded from their drunk driving legal proceedings. This post will generally discuss some of the ways that common field sobriety tests may be challenged, but it is imperative that readers remember that this post provides no legal advice.

Terminating parental rights is a complex and delicate matter

Having a child in your life may be one of your great joys, even if the child is not yours biologically. In fact, you likely have a special place in your heart for the grandchild or stepchild who is in your care when circumstances beyond your control have separated the child from his or her parent.

New Year means a crush of new divorce filings

A person can file for divorce any time of the year, but there is one time when more people take the steps to end their marriages than any other - in January. Across the country America sees an increase divorce filings following New Year's Day through March. It is not uncommon for people to want to keep their families together through the holidays or to make resolutions that involve finding happiness. Yet, once the luster of that magical time of year fades away, many are left with unhappy marriages that they determine must come to an end. For this reason, January has become known as "divorce month.".

Custodial interference does not have to be tolerated

After a Florida divorce it is not uncommon for the parties to hope that their transitions into single life will be smooth. While some people may easily be able to start over and establish strong footing on which to move their lives forward, others may struggle to work out the challenges that appear in the wake of their ended marriages. Many post-divorce challenges can stem from the divorced parties' children and issues related to their custody.

How long must I wait for a divorce to be finalized?

When a person decides that they want to end their marriage it can be incredibly difficult to wait out the period of time that it takes a divorce to be finalized. Depending upon the marital issues that the couple needs to resolve, a Florida divorce could take months to complete if spousal and child support, child custody, and property division matters are complex to sort out. While some divorces seem to resolve easily, others seem to drag out for lengthy periods of time.

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