Penalties for failing to pay child support

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A child support order creates a binding obligation in a parent to provide their child or children with financial support pursuant to the terms of the document. When a Florida parent does not meet this important obligation, then there are several different enforcement remedies that state authorities may employ to compel them into action. This post will discuss several of those enforcement mechanisms, but readers are cautioned that the information provided herein is not offered as guidance nor is it comprehensive.

One of the most common ways that a parent may be compelled to pay support to their children is through the suspension of the parent’s driver’s license. Parents who lose their driving privileges may struggle to get to their jobs or other necessary events. As such, this means of enforcement can induce compliance with support requirements so that a parent’s driving privileges are reinstated.

Parents who do not pay their child support obligations may have certain financial assets seized, too, such as their bank accounts and their income tax refunds. These funds can then be applied to the amount a parent owes to his or her children in back support.

A parent who does not pay what he or she owes in child support can also be fined or imprisoned for these deficiencies. Overcoming child support debt can be difficult for a parent who does not have the income or other means to stay current. Therefore, parents who face these and other enforcement efforts may wish to seek child support modification so that they are more likely and able to be in compliance with the court’s order. Family law attorneys can help individuals in these tough situations find solutions that allow them to support their kids and avoid enforcement penalties.

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