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It is an absolute truth that divorce is a common event in the lives of Floridians. Although not all individuals will marry and later go through the process of legally breaking their marital bonds to their partners, it is an event that impacts the lives of countless couples and families. However, just because divorce is common does not mean that every divorce is the same.

The way in which a divorce proceeds should be governed by the needs and expectations of the parties involved. For some, money and the division of their marital assets may be priorities that are given the utmost attention. For others, resolving matters of support and the custody of their children may guide their divorce-related negotiations.

Put simply, the factors that are important to the parties of a divorce should be the factors that their legal representatives advocate for when it comes to working out the details of marriage dissolution. Although Florida divorces generally must meet certain technical requirements regarding timing and residency, they are not cookie cutter proceedings that pay no heed to the needs and interests of the litigants.

Winters, Spires & Associates, an Okaloosa-based law firm, helps its clients manage the important and sometimes difficult process of bringing marriages to their legal ends. The attorneys of the firm support their clients as they identify the matters that may cause conflict with their soon-to-be ex-spouses and work to promote their own interests during their divorce hearings. Winters, Spires & Associates is prepared to assist new clients in the preparation, negotiation, and completion of their divorces and to work zealously for the unique needs that their clients possess.

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