Toward which costs may child support payments be applied?

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Contrary to what some readers may believe, child support payments in Florida may be applied to a vast range of child-related expenses. While a child’s basic needs must be covered by the financial support provided to them by their parents, child support may also be used to provide a child with educational, enrichment, and entertainment-based opportunities.

First, child support can and should be used to put a roof over a child’s head, food on their plate, and clothing on their back. It should also be used to provide a child with medical care and insurance for their health-related needs. It may be used to pay the rent or mortgage for a home where the child lives or for transportation expenses for taking a child to school, appointments, and other commitments.

Child support may also be used to maintain a child’s academic needs. Even if a school does not charge a child tuition, he or she may still have to provide his or her own supplies and expenses to participate in school-related activities. If a child must wear a uniform to school then child support may be used to pay for that special attire.

Child support can be used to give a child the opportunity to have fun, too. For example, it can pay the dues for a child to participate in a sport or club, the costs of a vacation, or the expense of taking a child out to dinner and the movies. A parent who receives child support from another parent generally does not have to do an accounting of where their received funds go as long as the child is provided with what they need to thrive.

Readers who have questions about how child support may be used in Florida should address their concerns with their family law attorneys. This post is a general overview of a broad legal topic and is not offered as legal guidance.

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