What factors can influence my BAC?

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A person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) can be impacted by many internal and external factors. This post will offer readers a brief discussion of some of the ways a person’s BAC may be affected. This information is important for Florida residents facing drunk driving charges to understand as they prepare their criminal defense strategy.

First, a person’s BAC may vary depending upon how much food he or she had to eat before and during his or her drinking. The presence of food in a person’s stomach may slow the absorption of alcohol into his or her system and therefore the speed at which the person’s BAC is raised.

Additionally, a person’s BAC may change based on the presence of certain drugs and medications in his or her system. For example, a person who starts taking a new prescription drug may not be aware that the medication could raise his or her BAC faster than normal and place him or her in a difficult position should he or she have to drive.

Also, inherent characteristics of individuals can change how their BACs present. Men tend to metabolize alcohol slower than women, older people see their BAC levels go up faster than young people, and lighter weight people need less alcohol than heavier people to lift their BAC levels. These and other factors can cause a person’s BAC to reach illegal driving limits without their absolute knowledge.

Law enforcement officials often use BAC results as evidence in drunk driving cases. Drivers, though, can arm themselves with knowledge and information about BAC science before going to trial. By understanding how other factors may have impacted their BAC results, accused individuals may be able to explain their situation and avoid some of the penalties associated with their alleged drunk driving crimes.

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