More women paying alimony than ever before

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A survey by the Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers suggests that traditional gender roles may be shifting when it comes to post-divorce support payments. The survey claims that more divorce lawyers than ever are seeing an increase in women paying child support and alimony when their marriages end. This is a significant shift from the previously common arrangement of wage-earning men paying their stay-at-home wives support in the wake of marital dissolutions.

The reasons for this shift can be found in the changing place that women are experiencing in the workforce here in Florida and throughout the rest of the country. More and more women are becoming the higher-earning spouses in their marriages and are settling into high paying careers. In turn, more men are embracing the power of stay-at-home parenting and sharing in the many domestic responsibilities that were once considered women’s work.

Alimony, also referred to spousal support, is the payment of money from one former spouse to the other once a marriage has ended. Alimony can be made in a lump sum payment or may be paid periodically over a number of years. Depending upon many factors, an award of alimony may or may not be granted in a given divorce case.

For a lower or no-wage earning spouse, alimony can be an important financial lifeline as they transition into a post-marital world. Men and women can be required to pay alimony. As more women take higher power, higher paying jobs there will be an increase in the percentage of women paying alimony and child support. Readers who want to learn more about seeking alimony or enforcing alimony orders should seek the help they need to make informed decisions.


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