Research links co-parenting success to child behavior

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Florida parents may notice that when their stress levels rise, their children feed off of their more sensitive behaviors. A parent who raises their voice may find that their child raises their voice, too, and a parent who feels anxiety may witness anxiety rise in their own kids. These issues can be pronounced in children of divorce, and a new study suggests that how parents interact after a divorce can have a big impact on how their children behave.

The study evaluated approximately 1,500 families of divorce. What they found was that with more stability and balanced co-parenting, children were less likely to act out and experience behavioral problems. Children who lived with parents who moved in with new partners were more likely to have behavioral issues due to the possible deteriorations in their relationships with their noncustodial parents, which is usually a father.

Parents do not have to like each other to successfully co-parent. When they work toward communicating effectively, using appropriate language with each other, and understanding their kids’ needs, they can provide safe and effective homes for their children even though they have ended their relationships through divorce.

Coming to a balanced and agreeable co-parenting plan can be hard for some Florida parents. Not everyone can sit down with their soon-to-be ex-partner and work out a custodial and visitation arrangement that meets all of their expectations and needs. However, many parents benefit from seeking the counsel of knowledgeable divorce and family law attorneys who understand the pressures that families’ face during divorce. A helpful legal adviser may guide a divorcing parent through the difficult negotiations they must complete in order to complete their divorce, which may include setting up a successful parenting plan with their ex.

Source:, “Co-parenting and divorce“, Apr. 30, 2018

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