Florida sheriff advocates for stricter drunk driving laws

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Drunk driving can be a dangerous practice that can lead to accidents and arrests. The state of Florida, as well as other jurisdictions throughout the nation, have criminalized the act and impose different penalties on those who are convicted of drunk driving crimes. Every person accused of drunk driving, though, is entitled to their day in court and their right to fight for their freedom.

One county sheriff in Florida wants to increase penalties against some alleged drunk drivers. Citing multiple deaths in his jurisdiction from alleged intoxicated drivers, the sheriff of Santa Rosa County wants some individuals who are convicted of drunk driving crimes to face stiff penalties, including life in prison if a drunk driver causes the death of another individual. A state senator has claimed that he will help the sheriff work to change the laws if other state sheriffs are in agreement.

Drunk driving penalties are already serious. A driver may lose their license, face jail time and be forced to pay significant fines if they are convicted of certain drunk driving crimes. Changes to drunk driving sentencing in the state of Florida could affect the way that defendants approach their drunk driving cases and the defenses that they are able to pursue.

At this time there are no proposed changes to drunk driving laws in the state, only the desires of some to make penalties against some alleged drunk drivers more serious. Individuals who are facing drunk driving charges should be aware that their rights and privileges may be threatened if they are convicted of their alleged crimes.

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