What are the options for physical custody of a child in Florida?

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It can be hard on a child to watch their parents end their marriage in divorce. Even if the divorce is the best option for the family, a child can still experience strong feelings of loss and fear when their household is divided into two. For this and other reasons, Florida parents should fully understand their options when it comes to finding the best possible custody solutions for their kids.

The legal custody of a child has previously been discussed on this blog, and therefore the remainder of this post will address the physical custody options that parents and courts can explore. Physical custody can be granted to both parents in a joint or shared arrangement or it may be given only to one parent in a sole custody decision.

When parents share physical custody of a child, the proportion of time each parent gets can vary depending upon the unique needs and interests of the child. Parents may work out a near equal division of time to share their child or they may agree to a schedule that allows the child to spend the school week with one parent and weekends with the other. As with all custodial matters, the best interests of the child should prevail.

If only one parent is granted physical custody of their child, then the other parent may have options for seeking visitation time. The circumstances under which an award of sole physical custody can differ greatly. If a parent believes that their rights have been undermined, they may wish to fight the custodial arrangement that takes them out of the life of their child. Any child custody problems should be addressed, so that appropriate measures can be taken that are in the child’s best interests.

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