Does your child custody plan address holiday scheduling?

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Across the nation millions of Americans celebrated the Fourth of July holiday with their families and friends. This patriotic summer day of celebration is often recognized with fireworks, parades and big food-based get-togethers. While some Florida families are able to enjoy the day without any internal conflicts, families of divorce may struggle with how to split the time of the kids between the households of their parents.

Holidays can be a very difficult topic to tackle when negotiating a child custody plan. Both parents may feel strongly that it is important that their children be with them for Christmas, Thanksgiving and the other important holidays of the year, such as the Fourth of July. Unless the plan is for both parents to be in the same place and at the same celebrations, this may not be realistic for divorced parents, making it impossible for parents to both get time with their kids on the same days.

It is never easy on parents to make big decisions about where their children should be on particular days, but having a plan for where kids will spend their holidays can save them from being thrown into chaos when their parents disagree about how the whereabouts of their children for holiday celebrations. Different families may have different needs when it comes to scheduling holidays, and as such parents should seek the counsel of their own family law attorneys.

The lawyers and staff of Winter, Spires & Associates, PA, are available to help Florida parents with all of their child custody needs. From planning holiday breaks to establishing rules for transferring kids from the parents’ homes, our firm is prepared to help parents create ease and consistency in the custodial arrangements and plans.

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