What to do after a drunk driving arrest

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Over the Fourth of July holiday Florida residents may have enjoyed celebratory events with friends and family. It is not uncommon for individuals of the legal drinking age to indulge in beer, wine and other alcohol spirits when they are having a good time in the company of people they love. For some, this combination of getting out of the house to be with others and consuming a drink may have had an upsetting outcome: a drunk driving arrest.

An arrest for drunk driving can happen when a law enforcement official has sufficient evidence on which to accuse a person of breaking a drunk driving law and placing them in custody. The officer may allegedly witness the breaking of a law or may have probable cause to believe that a law was broken. There are other grounds on which drunk driving arrests may be made and individuals arrested for drunk driving may use deficiencies in those grounds to attack their drunk driving arrests.

Law enforcement officials are not allowed to impede on individuals’ rights, such as their rights to unreasonable searches and seizures. To this end, a drunk driving arrest that is based on faulty evidence or illegally obtained evidence may not stand up in court.

After a drunk driving arrest it can be important for a person to seek the help of an attorney who works with DUI defense clients. These legal professionals know the law surrounding drunk driving cases, the grounds on which arrests may legally be made and the defenses that protect their clients’ rights. They are valuable assets to individuals who may not otherwise understand their legal rights and options after an arrest.

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