Who pays for a child’s out-of-pocket medical expenses?

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Even individuals who have great health insurance may find that from time to time they need to pay extra costs for getting the medical care that they require. From prescriptions that are not fully covered by insurance to visits to out-of-network specialists, Florida residents may receive bills for the care their doctors and providers have given them. When a child who is subject to a support order sees a doctor and incurs extraordinary medical costs, their parents may be unsure of how to divide up the expenses.

In some situations, parents may anticipate this issue and may include a clause in their child support agreement or order that explains the breakdown of payment. The parents may agree to equally divide uninsured medical costs or one parent may pay a greater portion of any uninsured bills. If there is no agreement on the matter, then a court may need to decide how best to assign the costs of medical expenses for a child.

Different factors may influence how a court will divide up the uninsured costs of a child’s medical care. Depending upon how much the expenses are and whether the costs will be recurring or simply one-time, charges may also influence the payment plan set by the court.

Healthcare costs can be high and when a child incurs medical bills their parents may struggle to know how to pay them. Uninsured medical costs are the responsibility of a child’s parents to pay and how those costs are paid can differ from one child support case to the next.

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