What is virtual visitation?

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When two people who have children go through a divorce they have many important decisions to make regarding how they will share in the duties of raising their kids to adulthood. Sometimes, the process is straightforward and the parents are able to successfully co-parent their children. In other cases, barriers may exist that make sharing time and decision-making power over the kids a challenge.

One of the biggest factors that may get in the way of a balanced child custody plan is the need for one parent to move or live far away from their child. With individuals moving for their jobs or new relationships it can be hard to maintain a significant connection to the children if they do not have the power to take their kids with them.

In some cases, parents may be able to work virtual visitation clauses into their child custody arrangements and parenting plans. Virtual visitation involves the use of electronic devices to allow parents access to their kids when they cannot have actual physical time with them. Technology like Skype, FaceTime, text messaging and social media can allow parents to have scheduled time with their kids so that they may share with each other the important details of their lives.

Smartphones, tablets and computers have the capacity to bring people closer together. Businesses have figured out how to use them to connect individuals across the globe and now the courts are finding ways to use them to allow parents and kids to stay connected over long distances as part of their child custody plans.

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