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Although a divorce is often a stressful and emotional time for a Florida family, it is also a new beginning for the two people who have decided to live their lives separate and apart from each other. As they work to end their marriage, they must make many decisions to protect their property rights, secure financial resources for themselves and their kids and decide how custody should be established. Courts attempt to exercise good judgment in these matters so that parties to divorces can smoothly transition into their new lives.

However, even the best laid divorce plans can fail when changes in circumstances affect individuals. For example, a spouse who is required to pay support to their ex-spouse may find themselves in a difficult position if they lose their job. Their lack of income may make staying current on payments to their former partner next to impossible, especially if they do not even have enough income to provide for themselves.

Additionally, a divorced parent may learn that they will need to relocate in order to maintain their employment. Big moves can require big changes to child custody orders, regardless of whether the moving parent is the custodial or non-custodial parent to their children.

These are just a few of the ways that life may get in the way of the carefully crafted orders that individuals take away from their divorces. Post-divorce modifications can become necessary for individuals who cannot operate within the restraints that were set for them at the time their divorces were finalized. Winters Spires & Associates is available to work with family law clients on bringing about change to the orders and agreements that no longer serve their interests.

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