Can you modify a child support order?

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A child support order provides a child with the financial resources they need to live their life. The child’s parents are responsible for fulfilling their economic requirements, but if a parent in Florida becomes unable to keep up with the support obligation they are bound to follow, then they may find that they are in violation of a court-approved agreement or order. Failing to meet the terms of a child support mandate can result in severe penalties imposed against the parent.

To avoid this difficult situation, a parent who cannot keep up with child support payments may wish to seek a modification to the order or agreement that spells out the obligation. There are some important steps that parents can take to achieve this need.

One way that a parent can begin the modification process is to seek to make changes as soon as they are necessary. A parent who puts off seeking a modification may be seen as one who truly does not need the changes in order to stay current on their obligation. Parents who need modifications may also wish to discuss their predicaments with their co-parents in a timely manner, so that both parties are aware of the financial issues that could impact their shared child.

Any parent who wants to change a support order or agreement should be prepared to demonstrate with evidence their need for a modification. Pay stubs, work notices or other documentation that shows how a parent’s income has been impacted may be useful in their argument to change their obligation.

Changing a child support order or agreement is possible, but parents who wish to do so may need more information about their legal options. Getting the right information can help a parent provide for their child while working through the difficulties that make compliance with an existing order impossible.

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