What is an ignition interlock device?

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For most people, starting a vehicle is a relatively simple process. However, for Florida residents who have been convicted of drunk driving, getting their vehicles going can require getting past ignition interlock devices.

An ignition interlock device, also known as an “IID,” is a machine that is attached to a vehicle. It requires a person to blow into it and have a sober reading in order for the person to start the automobile. If the IID registers alcohol on the person’s breath, then the vehicle cannot be started.

These devices are often mandated to be installed in the vehicles of men and women who have drunk driving convictions on their records. In Florida, a person can have an IID ordered for their first DUI conviction if their judge believes it is necessary. For a second DUI conviction, a driver in Florida may need to have an IID in their vehicle for at least one year.

When a person is convicted of a DUI crime and is mandated to have an IID in their vehicle, that person is expected to pay for it and its installation. However, if a person cannot pay for the required device, then a court may allow for some of their fine to be used to have a device put in their vehicle.

One of the best ways to avoid being required to install an IID in one’s vehicle is to fight the pending DUI charges. Although it is not possible to guarantee any outcomes in legal cases, a strong defense to drunk driving claims can help a driver attempt to avoid the costly penalties that can come with DUI convictions.

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