Make necessary changes to child support agreements in 2019

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The holiday gift-giving season is wrapping up and many Florida parents have gotten much joy out of seeing their children’s happiness after opening carefully selected and beautifully wrapped gifts. Parents go out of their way to make holidays special for their children and each day strive to provide them with what they need to live happy lives. However, when unexpected changes occur a parent may find that they are not capable of supporting their child the way they could before.

This may be especially true when a parent is required to provide support to their child due to a child support agreement or order. When a parent and a child live in the same home they may, as a family, make changes in their lifestyle to accommodate alterations in their spending and income. However, child support payments are fixed and if a parent does not have the money to pay what they have been ordered to provide to their child, they can be sanctioned by the courts.

To avoid this costly issue it is the practice of many parents to seek modifications to their child support agreements and orders. Modifications can help parents stay current on their orders and agreements of support all while providing for the children they love.

The law firm of Winter Spires & Associates works with parents to help them do whatever they can to support their children through child support agreements and orders. The attorneys of the firm know that life can change in an instant and are prepared to guide concerned parents through the process of seeking modifications through the Florida civil courts.

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