Can a parent get more child support for their kids?

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Getting a final order on child support can provide parents with clear expectations about how much money their kids should receive, when the money must be provided, and how long it shall be paid into the future. Florida parents who receive orders of child support may feel as though they have finished the process of dealing with support negotiations, but some may find not long after that the payments their kids are receiving are insufficient to meet their needs. Child support modifications may be available if existing orders are not enough to provide kids with the support they require.

First, however, it should be noted that child support is based on guidelines and courts can, at their discretion, order amounts that are greater or less than the guidelines provide. For example, if a child has special needs that require a noncustodial parent to provide more for their care than the guidelines dictate, a court can increase the sum of money that the noncustodial parent is obligated to pay.

After an order is in place, if a custodial parent finds that they still do not have enough money to support their kids, they should consult with their family law attorney. A legal professional can explain their options for revisiting their child support order and having the amount augmented by the courts.

Circumstances often change after parents’ divorce and children may require more or less money than was originally ordered for them. Child support orders should be changed through legal channels and parents should not take it into their own hands to lower the amount of support they pay. They may become liable for contempt if they fail to uphold their obligations under their child support order.

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