Challenges surrounding sole physical custody of a child

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It can be hard for a Florida parent to give up the opportunity to see their child every day, though this may be a necessary sacrifice if they choose to end their marriage in divorce. Children of divorce must be cared for through custody schedules that usually grant both parents time with their kids in their own homes. When a parent has custodial power of their child then the other parent may be left waiting until it is their turn to see their kid.

While it is not uncommon for parents to share in the custody of their children, in some circumstances parents may be given the exclusive custody of their kids. This means that they are solely responsible for their kids’ physical and legal care and that the children’s other parent has few, if any, rights to be with them. Parents who lack custodial rights over their kids may be granted visitation time with them but that time may be limited.

For example, when a parent suffers from a condition that may leave them unable to care for their child, the other parent may be granted sole custody. Alcoholism, drug addiction, and incarceration may all stand as bases for giving the other parent sole custody rights over a child. When a parent cannot care for a child a court will not grant a parent child custody rights as such an action could jeopardize the well-being of that youth.

Sole custody arrangements can be hard on families. A parent with the exclusive control of their children may lack the support they need, and a parent who has lost custody of their kids may feel detached from the children they love. Family law attorneys can support individuals who are facing the difficult situation of sole custody judgments.

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