The types of construction defects that could affect your project

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Investing in a Florida construction project is an expensive and lengthy endeavor. It can take months to bring it to completion, and even after that, it can take longer to ensure the interior meets your specifications. Due to the time and money that you have put into a project, defects in your project are not acceptable. 

Construction defects are any type of problem or issue that affect the integrity of your construction project. Some types of defects are easily repairable, while others require a significant financial investment to fix. If you learn that there is a defect that affects the integrity of the structure, the visual aesthetics or function of your building, you have the right to make sure the liable parties address the issue or compensate you for your losses.

What type of defect? 

There are many different types of construction defects, yet they can all have a significant impact on how you are able to use and enjoy the project. Whether it’s your new home, a building for your business or other type of structure, you will want to find a beneficial resolution that allows you to recover your losses and address problems as quickly and effectively as possible. Some of the most common types of construction defects include:

  • Water and moisture problems that result in the development of mold
  • Mechanical issues that affect the function of certain building components
  • Electrical problems that can result in a hazards for occupants
  • Issues with the structural integrity of the building
  • Expansive soils that can impact the foundation of the building
  • Use of low-quality materials throughout the structure and for finishes
  • Design issues that impact the overall quality of the project

Construction defects can result in significant damage to your intentions for the project and your bottom line. It is worthwhile to fully explore every legal option available to you as soon as you learn there is a problem.

Protecting your interests

It’s not easy to navigate the issues related to construction defects on your own. You may be unsure of what to do next of how you can recover what you lost. Working with an experienced construction law attorney can help you understand the options available to you and how you can move forward with the most appropriate course of action. 

It may help to start with a complete evaluation of your case. Whether you noticed an issue right away or you are starting to notice signs of a potential construction defect after a period of use, you can take immediate action to protect your interests.

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