What is a child support agreement?

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It can be hard for two Florida residents who are going through a divorce to imagine any instances when they may find common ground on a topic and agree with each other. It is an unfortunate fact that many divorces are contentious and involve hostilities between the parties that cannot be easily worked out. Since divorce can involve conflict many individuals choose to litigate their divorces and have the support of attorneys and the courts to help them end their marriages.

Sometimes, though, even individuals who choose to litigate their divorces will decide to make agreements about divorce-related matters that are important to them. Often these agreements relate to their children, and may involve agreements regard their kids’ custody, visitation, and support. Although the courts can work out all of these matters and impose orders on the parties to divorces, divorce participants can also work together to establish agreements that serve their children’s and their needs.

When it comes to support, parents can decide how they will divide the costs that are associated with their children’s care. They can make their own arrangements for how support will be paid and how much it will include. Courts will look at a child support agreement to ensure that they meet the best interests and needs of the children they serve, but if they are sufficient those agreements may become part of the parties’ divorce decrees.

Working out child support agreements may not be possible in all divorces. Individuals who are unsure of how this may work in their own divorces can discuss this option with their attorneys. When child support agreements are not possible the courts can work out child support determinations that the parties will then have to follow.

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