Modifications may help ease child custody tensions

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It can be hard to create a child custody plan that meets all of a child’s needs and satisfies their parents’ desires to be close to their kid. Everyone subject to a child custody arrangement will have to make some concessions when it comes to planning out where a child will live, who will provide them with care, and when they will have time to visit with their non-custodial parent. In Florida, parents and their legal representatives work hard to establish custody agreements that meet the children’s interests and needs.

While many child custody orders and agreements are workable in the periods of time immediately following their creations, not all remain so as the months and years tick by. Children’s needs and wants change, and so too do the lives of their parents. A parent may discover that they have to move for a job, or a child may receive an opportunity to attend a better school because of their academic success. When circumstances change, child custody plans must also be modified to meet new expectations.

A child custody modification may be sought by either parent and must serve the best interests of the child or children who are affected by it. Modifications often require judicial approval to become enforceable under the law and courts have an interest in ensuring that children’s welfare is protected when events surrounding their care changes.

Before making any changes to visitation and support, it is important to get it approved through the judicial process. In order to change a child custody order or agreement a reader should consider speaking with their family law or divorce attorney. This important process should be done with careful planning and legal guidance to ensure that it is effectuated with care and legal preparation.

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