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What is a child support agreement?

It can be hard for two Florida residents who are going through a divorce to imagine any instances when they may find common ground on a topic and agree with each other. It is an unfortunate fact that many divorces are contentious and involve hostilities between the parties that cannot be easily worked out. Since divorce can involve conflict many individuals choose to litigate their divorces and have the support of attorneys and the courts to help them end their marriages.

Help with enforcing child support orders and agreements

Raising a child is an incredibly expensive process. Florida parents may struggle to keep their kids in clothing that fits, full of healthy food, and engaged in activities that are both entertaining and educational. Providing a child with what they need can be hard for two parents working together in a single household, and it can be very difficult for a single parent to manage all of their child's costs and expenses on their own.

Do custodial parents pay child support?

Child custody and child support often go hand in hand when Florida parents make the difficult decisions to end their relationships in divorce. First, a child's parents may decide where the child will live and how they will share in the decision-making processes of raising their shared offspring. Next, they may attempt to find financial balance in how and who will pay for certain needs of their child.

Can a parent get more child support for their kids?

Getting a final order on child support can provide parents with clear expectations about how much money their kids should receive, when the money must be provided, and how long it shall be paid into the future. Florida parents who receive orders of child support may feel as though they have finished the process of dealing with support negotiations, but some may find not long after that the payments their kids are receiving are insufficient to meet their needs. Child support modifications may be available if existing orders are not enough to provide kids with the support they require.

Make necessary changes to child support agreements in 2019

The holiday gift-giving season is wrapping up and many Florida parents have gotten much joy out of seeing their children's happiness after opening carefully selected and beautifully wrapped gifts. Parents go out of their way to make holidays special for their children and each day strive to provide them with what they need to live happy lives. However, when unexpected changes occur a parent may find that they are not capable of supporting their child the way they could before.

Is child support considered taxable income?

A parent who receives child support on behalf of their child is expected to use that money to provide the child with their needs. Child support can be used in many ways by Florida parents, such as for housing and food, but also for child care costs, entertainment, transportation, and medical expenses. Raising a child is expensive, and for most people contributions from two incomes are needed to provide a child with what is necessary for their survival.

How do you get child support from the other parent?

There are different ways that parents in Florida can go about seeking child support payments from their co-parents. Depending upon the relationships that they have with their former partners, individuals may find that certain paths are easier than others for them to seek the support that their children need. It is useful for individuals seeking answers to this question to get more information about family law and how best to approach this important matter.

Can you modify a child support order?

A child support order provides a child with the financial resources they need to live their life. The child's parents are responsible for fulfilling their economic requirements, but if a parent in Florida becomes unable to keep up with the support obligation they are bound to follow, then they may find that they are in violation of a court-approved agreement or order. Failing to meet the terms of a child support mandate can result in severe penalties imposed against the parent.

Ending the cycle of child support payment delinquencies

If a parent does not live with their child due to a divorce or separation, then they may not have the opportunity to offer vital resources to their children on a daily basis. When it comes to financial matters, non-custodial parents in Florida can be asked to provide their kids with child support through either court orders or agreements with the kids' other parents.

Who pays for a child's out-of-pocket medical expenses?

Even individuals who have great health insurance may find that from time to time they need to pay extra costs for getting the medical care that they require. From prescriptions that are not fully covered by insurance to visits to out-of-network specialists, Florida residents may receive bills for the care their doctors and providers have given them. When a child who is subject to a support order sees a doctor and incurs extraordinary medical costs, their parents may be unsure of how to divide up the expenses.

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