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Changes to the law may impact when some choose to divorce

This year the federal government passed an overhaul of the tax laws and those changes could have big consequences on individuals who may wish to divorce in the future. One of the ways that the changes to the tax laws may affect divorcing parties is through new provisions that prevent alimony payers from deducting their payments from income taxes.

Is my prenup going to control the outcome of my divorce?

Not every Florida couple chooses to enter into a premarital agreement prior to getting married. The decision to create a premarital agreement may depend on what assets and possessions the parties hold prior to entering to a marital union. It may also depend upon the past relationships of the parties and whether they wish to protect their separate property for the benefit of children or other family members in lieu of their prospective spouses.

More women paying alimony than ever before

A survey by the Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers suggests that traditional gender roles may be shifting when it comes to post-divorce support payments. The survey claims that more divorce lawyers than ever are seeing an increase in women paying child support and alimony when their marriages end. This is a significant shift from the previously common arrangement of wage-earning men paying their stay-at-home wives support in the wake of marital dissolutions.

What is alimony?

Articles about celebrity divorces pop up in Florida newspapers from time-to-time, raising questions regarding which party will keep the power couple's real estate holdings and how they will divide up their time with their kids. These stories are interesting from an entertainment angle, but they can also be good tools for readers to learn from when it comes to preparing for and understanding the process of divorce. For example, one divorce-related topic that a reader may want to know more about is alimony.

We fight for what is important to you in your divorce

It is an absolute truth that divorce is a common event in the lives of Floridians. Although not all individuals will marry and later go through the process of legally breaking their marital bonds to their partners, it is an event that impacts the lives of countless couples and families. However, just because divorce is common does not mean that every divorce is the same.

New Year means a crush of new divorce filings

A person can file for divorce any time of the year, but there is one time when more people take the steps to end their marriages than any other - in January. Across the country America sees an increase divorce filings following New Year's Day through March. It is not uncommon for people to want to keep their families together through the holidays or to make resolutions that involve finding happiness. Yet, once the luster of that magical time of year fades away, many are left with unhappy marriages that they determine must come to an end. For this reason, January has become known as "divorce month.".

How long must I wait for a divorce to be finalized?

When a person decides that they want to end their marriage it can be incredibly difficult to wait out the period of time that it takes a divorce to be finalized. Depending upon the marital issues that the couple needs to resolve, a Florida divorce could take months to complete if spousal and child support, child custody, and property division matters are complex to sort out. While some divorces seem to resolve easily, others seem to drag out for lengthy periods of time.

Potential benefits of executing a prenuptial agreement

When a Florida couple is in the wedding planning phase of their relationship it may seem as though nothing could possibly happen that could tear their soon-to-be life apart. However, the reality of the matter is that many American marriages end in divorce. Before the partners to a couple make their union official through a legal marriage, there is an important legal option they may wish to execute to protect their financial interests in the event that their marriage is unsuccessful.

Don't navigate the stress of divorce alone

No couple enters into a marriage expecting the end. Unfortunately, there are a wide range of issues that can cause two people to drift apart. When these differences can't be resolved, divorce is a very real possibility. Going through such a time can be one of the most stressful and uncertain events in one's life, but you don't have to - and shouldn't - navigate the troubles alone.

Property division basics in Florida

Property division is a significant portion of what must be determined during the divorce process. Property division can have a significant impact on the future finances of both parties. It can be a complex process and requires an accounting and valuation of all the assets and debts of the couple. In Florida, property is divided according to equitable division principles.

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