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Affirmative defenses to drunk driving charges

There are many reasons Florida residents should take the drunk driving charges that are made against them seriously. Aside from the embarrassment that they may experience after their arrests, they should be aware that convictions for drunk driving crimes may result in the loss of their licenses, the imposition of significant fines, and even periods of incarceration. In some cases, individuals who are fighting drunk driving charges may have defenses that they can assert to overcome their alleged crimes.

What is implied consent?

Readers of this blog may have heard that Florida, like many other jurisdictions, has an implied consent law on its books. What that means may not be clear to many who have heard of the law's existence but do not know what it mandates. While this post will briefly discuss the role that implied consent plays in drunk driving cases in Florida, it should in no way be read as legal advice.

Defense support for Florida drunk driving charges

A drunk driving charge can introduce hardships and headaches into the life of a Okaloosa resident. From the challenges they may experience dealing with sobriety tests and an arrest, to the pain they may feel when they are threatened with the loss of their driving privileges, there are more challenging aspects of getting through a drunk driving charge than most people can imagine. Since drunk driving charges are serious and can threaten individuals' futures, many choose to face their pending legal problems with the help of dedicated attorneys.

Medical conditions can present similarly to drunk driving

Suffering from a serious medical condition can impose significant limitations on the abilities of an individual. Due to their ailment they may have to modify how they approach everyday tasks and may need to seek help to accomplish responsibilities that prior to their illness they could handle on their own. One of the biggest problems that a Florida resident may encounter when they develop a medical condition or illness is the perception that others have of them regarding the true state of their health.

How much can I be fined for a DUI in Florida?

Right now residents of Florida are happily preparing for the holiday season. They may be buying presents for the people that they love or planning meals that they will share with friends and members of their families. One thing that they are likely not preparing for is the expensive cost of a DUI conviction if they are alleged to have driven while drunk.

Florida enforces a zero tolerance law against young drivers

Even if drivers in Florida are not familiar with the exact penalties they may face if they are arrested and convicted of drunk driving, they may know that they could face the loss of their license, fines and possibly jail time, depending upon the charges and sentencing. Drivers may only think that these penalties apply to individuals who have both the right to drive and have achieved the legal age at which they may drink alcohol; in Florida and other jurisdictions, zero tolerance laws make this assumption a falsehood.

What are roadside sobriety tests?

Drivers in Florida may have seen DUI tests being executed while driving down their local roads: individuals walking in lines, standing on one foot or looking at the flashlights of law enforcement officials. These seemingly random acts are a series of sobriety tests that can be used to attempt to determine when drivers are intoxicated. They are often called roadside or field sobriety tests and they are generally executed as three distinct assessments.

What to do after a drunk driving arrest

Over the Fourth of July holiday Florida residents may have enjoyed celebratory events with friends and family. It is not uncommon for individuals of the legal drinking age to indulge in beer, wine and other alcohol spirits when they are having a good time in the company of people they love. For some, this combination of getting out of the house to be with others and consuming a drink may have had an upsetting outcome: a drunk driving arrest.

Florida sheriff advocates for stricter drunk driving laws

Drunk driving can be a dangerous practice that can lead to accidents and arrests. The state of Florida, as well as other jurisdictions throughout the nation, have criminalized the act and impose different penalties on those who are convicted of drunk driving crimes. Every person accused of drunk driving, though, is entitled to their day in court and their right to fight for their freedom.

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