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Debt collection is by nature an adversarial process, but neither party is served by dragging things out. The law firm of Winter Spires & Associates, P.A., represents debtors and creditors. Our experience on both sides of the equation enables us to understand the considerations of each party and increase the chances of a timely and satisfactory resolution.

Make no mistake. We work for you and will faithfully assert your rights and interests, including going to court on your behalf. Attorney Winter Spires has practiced in debt law in Florida since 2006. She counsels individuals, businesses and lenders in Fort Walton Beach and surrounding communities of Okaloosa County and the Emerald Coast.

Debtor Strategies · Creditors’ Rights · Consumer Protection

Ms. Spires has a strong background in business, real estate and construction law, as well as arbitration and civil litigation. She is well-versed in state and federal laws pertaining to debt collection, as well as the details of contracts, loans, liens and foreclosure.

  • We represent creditors and lenders in all facets of debt collection and asset recovery, from demand letters to enforcing judgments.
  • We represent debtors who need relief from lawsuits or creditor harassment.
  • We also represent consumers who have been the victims of scams, shady business practices or defective products.

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Winter Spires & Associates is committed to cost-effective and client-centered legal advocacy. To speak with our lawyers about your debt-related matter, call our Destin office at 850-502-2241. We also have an office in Marianna.

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