Enforcing Family Law Court Orders


Court orders have the force of law behind them. Sometimes, however, additional steps are necessary to enforce family law orders when the other party refuses to comply.

Typically, enforcing a court order — whether it has to do with child custody or child support — involves bringing a contempt of court claim.

If the court determines that the other parent deprived you of custody rights, it may:

  • Grant you additional parenting time to make up for the time missed
  • Modify the existing time-sharing arrangement in your favor, if warranted
  • Require the other parent to pay court costs and attorney fees
  • Impose additional sanctions to deter the other party from failing to comply

In child support cases, you may be able to take advantage of enforcement tools such as wage garnishment, tax refund interception and other strong measures to recover unpaid child support.

Defending Against Contempt Allegations

Child support enforcement actions should always be taken seriously. The consequences for failing to pay child support can be significant. You could lose your driver’s license and potentially face jail time. You bank accounts could be frozen, your wages garnished and your tax refunds intercepted.

Likewise, if you are facing contempt of court involving child custody, your time-sharing (visitation) rights may be in jeopardy. Given the high stakes involved in these cases, it is well worth the investment to protect you rights with the help of a lawyer.

Get An Experienced Advocate On Your Side

Whether you are seeking to enforce a family law order or to defend against an enforcement action, professional legal guidance is critical for your success.

At Winter Spires & Associates, P.A., we help people navigate these often tricky issues. Our attorney is an effective advocate with extensive experience in Florida courts. With offices in Destin and Marianna, our legal team is readily available to protect your interests through strategic legal action.

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