Grandparent & In-Family Adoptions: A Faster Track To Family Member Adoption


Families come in many shapes and sizes. Millions of American children are raised in loving homes by people other than their biological parents.

In many of these families, close relatives step in to care for a child when the biological parents can’t — perhaps due to substance addiction, incarceration, abandonment, mental illness or other difficult circumstances. In these situations, it may make sense to formalize the parent-child relationship through adoption.

Florida law offers a simplified, accelerated process for relative and stepparent adoptions. It sidesteps the need for a home study and eliminates the waiting period to finalize the adoption. You must still obtain a termination of parental rights, however, either through the consent of the biological parents or through the court.

Navigating The Legal Intricacies

Adopting a child — whether a grandchild, stepchild, niece, nephew or younger sibling — is a significant milestone. It’s tremendously rewarding to become the “official” parent of a child who perhaps has already looked to you as a parent for months or years. Finalizing an adoption solidifies that link.

At Winter Spires & Associates, P.A., we guide families through the legal intricacies of this important juncture. Our family law attorney handles in-family adoptions for grandparents, other close relatives and stepparents. With offices in Destin and Marianna, we work with families throughout the region.

Helping Families Thrive

Our goal is to make the adoption process as smooth and seamless as possible. To that end, we can help you avoid pitfalls and prepare the groundwork for success. With our experienced legal team beside you, you can feel confident that nothing will be overlooked.

We’re passionate about helping families grow and thrive.

Learn more about the adoption process by meeting with our lawyers during a confidential consultation. Call 850-502-2241 or send us an email to get started.

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