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Modifications may help ease child custody tensions

It can be hard to create a child custody plan that meets all of a child's needs and satisfies their parents' desires to be close to their kid. Everyone subject to a child custody arrangement will have to make some concessions when it comes to planning out where a child will live, who will provide them with care, and when they will have time to visit with their non-custodial parent. In Florida, parents and their legal representatives work hard to establish custody agreements that meet the children's interests and needs.

Visitation options for noncustodial parents

If a Florida parent is denied custodial rights over their child then they may have the option of seeking visitation time with them. Visitation can take on many different forms that will depend upon the nature of the relationship between the parent and their child. In general, visitation arrangements can be unsupervised, supervised, based on virtual communications, or nonexistent.

Challenges surrounding sole physical custody of a child

It can be hard for a Florida parent to give up the opportunity to see their child every day, though this may be a necessary sacrifice if they choose to end their marriage in divorce. Children of divorce must be cared for through custody schedules that usually grant both parents time with their kids in their own homes. When a parent has custodial power of their child then the other parent may be left waiting until it is their turn to see their kid.

Options for when parents don't agree on a child's best interests

Ending a marriage is a big step, but it does not generally sever any ties that the parties have to the children they share. When two Florida residents complete a divorce they are still parents to their kids and still responsible for their children's well-being. While different families may have different custodial plans put into place at the conclusion of their divorces, it is not uncommon for parents to share legal custody of their kids as they move into their post-divorce lives.

Legal custody is an important consideration when divorcing

The everyday job of providing for a child is something that most Florida parents embrace. Having a child is a great responsibility, but it is also an opportunity to share joy and love with someone special. When divorce disrupts the important balance that mothers and fathers share with their kids, child custody negotiations can be of significant importance to their end-of-marriage plans.

What is considered "reasonable" visitation?

A non-custodial parent may be granted visitation time with their child when their child custody matter is resolved. While this will mean that their child will not live with them, it may mean that the parent will have access to their child and the opportunity to enjoy in-person experiences with them. In Florida and other jurisdictions, a parent may need a set schedule for their visitation time or they may be granted reasonable visitation.

Helping you protect your child's best interests

Divorce is hard on parents and it is certainly hard on kids as well. Even when two parents in Florida do everything that they can to minimize the distress and conflict in their divorce, their children will still need to learn to live with the "new normal" of mom and dad no longer under the same roof. Ensuring that kids transition well into their new lives can have a lot to do with the child custody arrangement that is established.

Shared custody may not mean equal custody

Parents in Florida may be granted joint or shared physical custody of their children upon a divorce. Physical custody is the type of custody that has to do with where a child will live after their parents separate or divorce. While it is possible for a parent to receive sole physical custody of their child, it is not uncommon for both parents to be awarded this important form of responsibility over their shared children.

Back to school may mean back to court to change custody schedules

When children return to school in the fall, parents can be both relieved and concerned about the coming months of their lives. On one hand, Florida parents may be excited to have their children back to learning and building their educational bases. On the other hand, they may be concerned about helping their children stay motivated, active and involved in the many activities that often accompany the start of the new academic year.

What is virtual visitation?

When two people who have children go through a divorce they have many important decisions to make regarding how they will share in the duties of raising their kids to adulthood. Sometimes, the process is straightforward and the parents are able to successfully co-parent their children. In other cases, barriers may exist that make sharing time and decision-making power over the kids a challenge.

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