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Shared custody may not mean equal custody

Parents in Florida may be granted joint or shared physical custody of their children upon a divorce. Physical custody is the type of custody that has to do with where a child will live after their parents separate or divorce. While it is possible for a parent to receive sole physical custody of their child, it is not uncommon for both parents to be awarded this important form of responsibility over their shared children.

Back to school may mean back to court to change custody schedules

When children return to school in the fall, parents can be both relieved and concerned about the coming months of their lives. On one hand, Florida parents may be excited to have their children back to learning and building their educational bases. On the other hand, they may be concerned about helping their children stay motivated, active and involved in the many activities that often accompany the start of the new academic year.

What is virtual visitation?

When two people who have children go through a divorce they have many important decisions to make regarding how they will share in the duties of raising their kids to adulthood. Sometimes, the process is straightforward and the parents are able to successfully co-parent their children. In other cases, barriers may exist that make sharing time and decision-making power over the kids a challenge.

Does your child custody plan address holiday scheduling?

Across the nation millions of Americans celebrated the Fourth of July holiday with their families and friends. This patriotic summer day of celebration is often recognized with fireworks, parades and big food-based get-togethers. While some Florida families are able to enjoy the day without any internal conflicts, families of divorce may struggle with how to split the time of the kids between the households of their parents.

What are the options for physical custody of a child in Florida?

It can be hard on a child to watch their parents end their marriage in divorce. Even if the divorce is the best option for the family, a child can still experience strong feelings of loss and fear when their household is divided into two. For this and other reasons, Florida parents should fully understand their options when it comes to finding the best possible custody solutions for their kids.

Research links co-parenting success to child behavior

Florida parents may notice that when their stress levels rise, their children feed off of their more sensitive behaviors. A parent who raises their voice may find that their child raises their voice, too, and a parent who feels anxiety may witness anxiety rise in their own kids. These issues can be pronounced in children of divorce, and a new study suggests that how parents interact after a divorce can have a big impact on how their children behave.

Understanding visitation rights under a parenting plan

This Florida family law blog has provided its readers with a number of posts on child custody matters, from information on custodial interference to the basic differences between legal and physical custody. However, there is a related family law topic that often goes hand-in-hand with child custody that many readers may have questions about, and that topic is visitation. This post will explain how a parent may end up with visitation rights in lieu of physical custody after a divorce or separation.

Parents can fight for their kids' best interests

Parents often know their kids better than anyone else in the world. Even when Florida kids have strong bonds with their friends and siblings, their parents still have the experience of raising them from their first days of life and witnessing all of their triumphs and failures. As such, parents can be the closest thing to experts on their children's unique wants and needs.

What does it mean to have legal custody of a child?

Last week, this Florida legal blog introduced the topic of physical custody. Physical custody is just one of the types of child custody that a parent may fight for when they go through a divorce or otherwise create a parenting plan with their child's other parent. This week's post will discuss the topic of legal custody and, as always, readers are asked to seek their own legal advice for their pending custody issues, as this blog does not provide legal guidance.

What does it mean to have sole custody of a child?

A child custody case can resolve in a unique arrangement of time-sharing and parental cooperation to ensure that a Florida child spends sufficient time with each of their parents and that their parents are both involved in their life. However, in some cases a parent may be denied custodial power of their child. This denial can apply to both their rights to physical and legal custody. Physical custody refers to where a child physically resides, while legal custody is the right to make important decisions for a child, including those involving education and medical treatment.

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