Customer Service, Offerings, Other, Quality, Timeliness

“Incredible service with really fast turn around time. Thankful Mrs. Spires offered us options and was super knowledgeable in the matter. I’m confident no matter what the outcome is that I will have the best representation available. It’s been a pleasure working together and I would be happy to recommend her to anyone.” – J. Johnson and S. Johnson

Customer Service, Quality, Timeliness

“Got the answers we were looking for.” – J. Rende

We Definitely Would Recommend Winter Spires

“Winter Spires & Associates served as our legal representative in the adoption of our son. The Firm handled all of our legal needs pertaining to the adoption and fulfilled all concerns we had. Also, the Firm helped us complete all the requirements we had to meet by the Court of Law to provide us with a successful adoption. Winter and the Team were very thorough regarding all legal issues in the adoption, nothing left undone. Also, Winter and her team always had the best interest of our family and the baby we were adopting. When calling the office we were treated with kindness and professionalism. My husband and I feel that the Firm of Winter Spires & Associates went above and beyond to meet every need we had, providing us with great legal service. We definitely would recommend the Firm. Thanks again Winter and Team!” – J. And T. Burnette


“Winter Spires helped me get see my daughter after years of the mother not letting me see her and have contact with her again. Winter spires is a very kind, loving, and exceptional listener to her clients! I am very pleased about the job she has done thus far.” – M. Reading

Very Helpful

“Mr Elijah Bentley was very helpful . He asked many questions concerning my situation and answered my questions honestly”. – B. Nichols.

Family Court Case

“Very thorough and frank she took my case and ran with it and did everything she could to help me she is very receptive to what I was seeking and trying to get out of the hearing and worked with me every step of the way I’d recommend her to anyone she has a great knowledge base and very personable as well and will tell you like it is and wont sugar coat it to make you happy she will let you know exactly what she thinks your best course of action is and help you make the most informed decision possible.” – Michael

Watching Mrs. Spires Work In The Court Room Is Excellent And The Reason Why I Received A Very Favorable Outcome.

“I hired Mrs. Spires’ law firm and did not give them very much time to prepare for my case. It was less than 48 hours actually due to a conflict from a previous attorney. They worked long hours over night preparing for a very important relocation hearing. They had done unbelievable work and found things in my case that my previous attorney had not found in nine months working the case. I believed that all hope was lost in my case and that I did not have a chance. I was completely wrong and with the help of Mrs. Spires work in the almost five-hour hearing and all of the work preparing for the hearing, I was very very very pleased with the outcome and it was all because of the their hard work and devotion. Mrs. Spires and her firm are honest, always available, upfront and very nice to work with. This is my second child custody case and I have never been this impressed with an attorney. The only regret I have is not hiring Mrs. Spires’ firm a lot sooner. At the conclusion of my hearing the judge complimented Mrs. Spires as to how good of a job she had done and the opposing side was mutually impressed.” – Garrett

Awesome Attorney!

“Winter Spires is an amazing attorney. She has made me feel very comfortable. She has looked out for the benefit of my child and I, and is very knowledgeable and professional yet caring and understanding as well. She is a very hard worker and fights for her clients!! I recommend Winter Spires.” – Meranda

She Believed In Our Cause And Took The Time To Get To Know Us.

“We came to Mrs. Spires after being rejected from other lawyers, saying we didn’t have a case. Mrs. Spires took the time to sit with us, past the allotted time, giving us her full attention and honest assessment. She believed in our cause and took the time to get to know us. Even after being told by other lawyers that we didn’t have a case and were basically wasting their time, she was able to settle our case in mediation without even having to set foot in the courtroom. We are forever thankful and highly recommend her!” – E. Miller

One Of The Smartest Decisions I’ve Ever Made.

“Winter Spires was referred to me while working at Pleat & Perry, P.A. She was highly recommended by a friend dealing with a similar real estate related issue. Upon opening her own firm I was faced with a big decision: Stay with her former employer or retain Winter as my partner. I continued the partnership with Winter and without hesitation can honestly say it was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made. Period. My case was lengthy and throughout the entire process Winter kept me up to speed and informed. I trusted in her as being the “expert” in an arena where I had no experience and she proved to be the BEST. My family will forever be grateful.” – A. Momenzadeh – Baton Rouge, LA


“Brilliant! Treated like I was family.” – Curtis B.

Hardest Working And Best Prepared Attorney I’ve Ever Seen!!

“After working with attorneys from Miami who were supposed to be the best in the business, I started working with Winter Spires & Associates. What a huge difference. I wasn’t one of a million cases in the mill. Their team discovered glaring holes and issues that the Miami guys never addressed. They were relentless and tireless about preparing for my extensive case, even outworking me. When I shut down for the night, they were just getting started with things I didn’t even think of but were absolutely necessary as I discovered during my hearings. They had thought of every contingency and had an answer prepared. They stayed on top of deadlines and kept me from missing filings and quickly and efficiently challenged motions from opposing counsel. In short, my case prevailed with an overwhelming display of mastery of the facts and preparation. I would recommend them without hesitation.” – George F.

Hire Winter Spires, A Lawyer That Truly Cares.

“I hired Winter Spires & Associates, P.A., a couple months after filing for divorce by myself. I thought I handled the paperwork okay by myself, but eventually I realized that I needed representation. I needed her expertise to protect myself, my son, and make everything fair for all of us. When someone says get a lawyer, even if it’s an uncontested divorce in the beginning, GET A LAWYER. Things can change, or the other party could stop being reasonable after filing. The period between filing and finalization is an unpredictable time and we must protect ourselves and the interests of our children. That is what I learned this law firm’s mission aims to do… To protect their client and suggest solutions that are most ideal. They are family-oriented people before all else. Winter’s paralegal, Rose, went above and beyond to see this case through, including late evenings. They both had patience with my case, they were considerate of my family’s end-needs, and we got through this hurdle in our lives. They are a passionate team of experienced and successful legal professionals. I will use them in the future for other areas of law that they cover besides divorce, when needed. Thank you for everything!” – Christopher P.


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