Distressed Mortgage? Protect Your Home And Explore Foreclosure Alternatives.


Things may seem hopeless if you are facing foreclosure, but you do have rights and options. With proper legal help, it may be possible to save your home or mitigate your loss. If you do nothing and simply allow them to foreclose, you could lose your house and still be on the hook financially!

The experienced and compassionate team at Winter Spires & Associates, P.A., represents homeowners in Okaloosa County, Walton County, Jackson County and throughout the Emerald Coast. We will educate you about the alternatives to foreclosure and work hard to protect your interests.

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Alternatives To Foreclosure

Our lawyers and staff are well-versed in the nuances of the foreclosure process in Florida. We sometimes represent lenders and other lien holders, but we are a community-based firm with a successful record of advocating for homeowners who are facing hard times.

Founding attorney Winter Spires can determine if you are a candidate for:

  • Mortgage modification or workout — We negotiate a loan workout with your bank or mortgage lender, or help you qualify for a government-sponsored loan modification program. The new loan forgives the arrears, reduces the interest rate or spreads out your payments so that you can afford to stay in your home.
  • Short sale — Can’t afford your payments or sell without taking a huge loss? If you are in this trap, we negotiate with the lender to list the house and turn over the proceeds when it sells. The lender forgives any difference and releases any liens against you.
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure — Similar to short sale, you surrender the deed directly to the lender and “call it even.” We insist on a waiver of deficiency that legally cancels your mortgage debt. Without the waiver, the lender can go back to court to obtain a deficiency judgment against you— up to five years later!
  • Foreclosure defense — Often the mortgage note has changed hands so many times that paperwork is hopelessly lost or tainted. Once a foreclosure is filed, we can step in to challenge it. We work to show that the bank or mortgage company missed filing deadlines, lost your payments, failed to give proper notice or otherwise violated Florida foreclosure laws or federal regulations. We can also challenge deficiency judgments, which are often based on overinflated home values.

Foreclosure commonly stems from a health crisis, job loss or other misfortune, or occurs as a delayed result of the economics of divorce. At Winter Spires & Associates, we practice in debt law and family law in addition to real estate transactions. We offer predivorce and debt relief strategies to prevent foreclosure scenarios or proactively take full advantage of the alternatives.

Committed To Your Best Interests

Foreclosure is stressful and demoralizing, and the lenders seem to hold all the cards. Our experience in litigation and dispute resolution enables us to forcefully assert your rights. Whether you are fighting foreclosure or surrendering the property, we will help you choose the course of action that best serves your interests.

We serve homeowners and condo owners in Fort Walton Beach, South Walton and throughout the Emerald Coast, with offices in Destin and Marianna. Call our foreclosure attorney at 850-502-2241 or contact us online.

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