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Child support and alimony have different purposes

A divorce can leave a lot of questions in the lives of Florida residents. While one of the parties may continue to work and earn the income that they made while they were in their martial relationship, the other may worry about how they will make ends meet without the support of their ex. In situations such as this, a court may award the non-working spouse with alimony to help them get back into the working world.

Alimony is support for a former spouse and may not be awarded in every divorce case. If the parties to a divorce are self-sufficient and do not rely on each other's earnings to live then they may simply divorce with no alimony agreement or order in place. However, when couples with kids go through divorces it is practically certain that they will be bound to a child support agreement or order that will go toward the costs associated with raising their kids.

Protect your business interests in a commercial lease

Your Florida business is growing, and you are finally ready to find your own building or lease more space so you can continue to expand and serve more customers. Finding the right type of space for your company is not easy, especially finding one that meets your needs while still fitting your budget. When you finally find the right storefront, it can be tempting to simply jump on it and sign the lease as fast as possible. 

What you may not know, however, is that you can probably negotiate with your landlord on the terms of your commercial lease. Before you sign on the dotted line, it may be helpful to consider whether negotiating certain terms could be beneficial for your company. You may want to familiarize yourself with certain terms and things to look for in order to ensure you are not exposing your company to unnecessary risks in the future.

What is implied consent?

Readers of this blog may have heard that Florida, like many other jurisdictions, has an implied consent law on its books. What that means may not be clear to many who have heard of the law's existence but do not know what it mandates. While this post will briefly discuss the role that implied consent plays in drunk driving cases in Florida, it should in no way be read as legal advice.

When a person chooses to drive on the roads of Florida, they implicitly consent to be tested for impaired driving if they are legally arrested on a related charge. That means that they do not have to sign anything to agree to be tested or verbally accept that requirement: driving in Florida means that a person agrees to be tested if suspected and arrested on drunk driving.

Challenges surrounding sole physical custody of a child

It can be hard for a Florida parent to give up the opportunity to see their child every day, though this may be a necessary sacrifice if they choose to end their marriage in divorce. Children of divorce must be cared for through custody schedules that usually grant both parents time with their kids in their own homes. When a parent has custodial power of their child then the other parent may be left waiting until it is their turn to see their kid.

While it is not uncommon for parents to share in the custody of their children, in some circumstances parents may be given the exclusive custody of their kids. This means that they are solely responsible for their kids' physical and legal care and that the children's other parent has few, if any, rights to be with them. Parents who lack custodial rights over their kids may be granted visitation time with them but that time may be limited.

Common mistakes that plague divorce proceedings

No one wants to make the end of their marriage harder on themselves than it has to be. A divorce is a painful and difficult process even when it moves forward without issues, but complicating factors can put unnecessary and burdensome roadblocks in the parties' paths toward martial dissolution. There are a number of common mistakes that individuals can avoid to make their Florida divorces less complicated and more cohesive.

One problem that some individuals create for themselves during divorces is failing to secure all of the necessary paperwork and accounting from their former spouses that they will need to make good decisions about financial and property matters. A person who does not have a good understanding of their assets' values may not be able to negotiate appropriate settlements. They may also fail to understand how taxes may impact their post-divorce lives if they are not clear on their financial affairs.

Could your business benefit from employment contracts?

Every business is different, and what your company needs to succeed depends on your needs, goals for the future and the type of business you have. For some Florida business owners, employment contracts are a smart way to protect company interests and make things easier for all parties involved. If you do not currently use these types of contracts, you may consider how they can benefit you.

As with all business contracts, it is beneficial to proceed thoughtfully and carefully when drafting and reviewing a contract that could impact your company. If you think that having employment contracts is a smart move, it may help to first think about what you should include. It is in your interests to ensure that contracts with your employees benefit both the workers and the employer.

Do custodial parents pay child support?

Child custody and child support often go hand in hand when Florida parents make the difficult decisions to end their relationships in divorce. First, a child's parents may decide where the child will live and how they will share in the decision-making processes of raising their shared offspring. Next, they may attempt to find financial balance in how and who will pay for certain needs of their child.

Florida follows the income shares model of child support, which means that the incomes and wages of both parents are factored into child support determinations. Generally, the goal of this model is to have each parent provide a proportional amount of their income to the financial care of their child, even though those parents are no longer together in a relationship. To this end, custodial parents are expected to pay child support for the benefit of their kids.

Defense support for Florida drunk driving charges

A drunk driving charge can introduce hardships and headaches into the life of a Okaloosa resident. From the challenges they may experience dealing with sobriety tests and an arrest, to the pain they may feel when they are threatened with the loss of their driving privileges, there are more challenging aspects of getting through a drunk driving charge than most people can imagine. Since drunk driving charges are serious and can threaten individuals' futures, many choose to face their pending legal problems with the help of dedicated attorneys.

The law firm of Winter, Spires & Associates represents members of Okaloosa and surrounding community in matters related to drunk driving defense. Every drunk driving case is different, and for this reason it is impossible to anticipate the outcome of a legal matter. However, the support of drunk driving defense attorneys can arm individuals with knowledge and perspective on how to approach their own legal dilemmas.

What to expect when trying to adopt your stepchildren

The adoption process is a wonderful and fulfilling way for a Florida family to grow. In many cases, an adoption is simply legally establishing and recognizing the strong relationships that a stepparent may have with his or her stepchildren. If you want to undertake this process yourself, it may help to first learn as much as possible about what to expect. 

There are legal requirements in order to complete the stepparent adoption process. In order for you to fulfill your desire to adopt the biological children of your spouse, the other biological parent will have to relinquish parental rights. This is often the biggest challenge in a stepparent adoption. It is beneficial to have guidance as you walk through this process.

Common issues that cause individuals to divorce

Many Florida residents will agree that marriages require hard work and dedication on the part of the partners to flourish. Even when partners love each other they will still experience disagreements and conflicts that can shake the foundations of their lives together, and if they are not able to overcome their differences they may seek legal ways of ending their unions. This post will explore some of the most common reasons that Americans seek divorces, but as readers are aware, they may find that their own bases to divorce are far different than what they find herein.

Marriages end when the partners fail to commit to each other, or when one of the partners to a marriage cannot commit at the same level as their spouse. The presence of extramarital relationships or allegations of adultery can cause major problems in marital relationships and can send some to divorce court.

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