What to do if you get pulled over for a DUI

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In 2021, Florida law enforcement caught nearly 48,000 people driving under the influence where their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was greater than 0.08%. In addition, 194 people in Florida died from DUI-related car accidents.

The expansive tourism and these statistics encourage Florida law enforcement to search for signs of drunk drivers. Therefore, this is what you should do if you get pulled over because the police suspect you of drinking and driving.

Act with respect

From the time you see the lights flashing in your rearview mirror until law enforcement leaves, act with respect. Do exactly what the officers tell you to do. Be mindful of their safety concerns by keeping your hands in plain view and telling the officers what you plan to do before you make a move. Use respectful terms, such as “sir” or “ma’am.”

Pull over in a safe area

As soon as you can, pull your vehicle over into a safe, well-lit area. Make sure that law enforcement will be safe as they approach your vehicle. Turn on your inside light if you get pulled over in the dark.

Do not volunteer information

Answer the officers’ questions, but do not admit to drinking. Avoid telling stories or nervous rambling. Do not lie to the officers, but know that you have a right to not incriminate yourself and do not have to answer their questions.

Avoid field sobriety tests

These tests are largely subjective. Also, say no to a breathalyzer test because many things, including medications, can give a false positive. You may get arrested and lose your license for one year, but you avoid the consequences of getting a DUI.

For the best results, designate a sober driver or call for a ride if you plan to or have had alcoholic drinks.

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