Legal Advice For Creating Fair Custody & Visitation Agreements


One of the most emotional components of a divorce action is working out a child custody and visitation agreement that protects both the children and parents. Custody agreements for non-married couples also must be handled with care. Keeping the best interest of the children in mind is paramount.

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In many cases, the courts favor a shared custody agreement. This means that both parents have legal custody rights, which is the right to share in decisions regarding:

  • School
  • Health care
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Counseling

A shared custody agreement can also mean both parents share in physical custody, whether it is a 50-50 arrangement or another type of split. This may be the best way to preserve relationships with the children, but may not be a good option if abuse or domestic violence is a factor.

Our Destin child custody lawyer can help you draft a custody agreement that carefully spells out visitation rights. We can also help you execute a shared parenting plan that is either basic or detailed depending on your needs. This agreement can take into account the proximity between parents’ homes, who will spend which holidays with each side of the family and any restrictions with regard to moving within or out of the country.

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