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Common mistakes that plague divorce proceedings

No one wants to make the end of their marriage harder on themselves than it has to be. A divorce is a painful and difficult process even when it moves forward without issues, but complicating factors can put unnecessary and burdensome roadblocks in the parties' paths toward martial dissolution. There are a number of common mistakes that individuals can avoid to make their Florida divorces less complicated and more cohesive.

Could your business benefit from employment contracts?

Every business is different, and what your company needs to succeed depends on your needs, goals for the future and the type of business you have. For some Florida business owners, employment contracts are a smart way to protect company interests and make things easier for all parties involved. If you do not currently use these types of contracts, you may consider how they can benefit you.

Do custodial parents pay child support?

Child custody and child support often go hand in hand when Florida parents make the difficult decisions to end their relationships in divorce. First, a child's parents may decide where the child will live and how they will share in the decision-making processes of raising their shared offspring. Next, they may attempt to find financial balance in how and who will pay for certain needs of their child.

Defense support for Florida drunk driving charges

A drunk driving charge can introduce hardships and headaches into the life of a Okaloosa resident. From the challenges they may experience dealing with sobriety tests and an arrest, to the pain they may feel when they are threatened with the loss of their driving privileges, there are more challenging aspects of getting through a drunk driving charge than most people can imagine. Since drunk driving charges are serious and can threaten individuals' futures, many choose to face their pending legal problems with the help of dedicated attorneys.

What to expect when trying to adopt your stepchildren

The adoption process is a wonderful and fulfilling way for a Florida family to grow. In many cases, an adoption is simply legally establishing and recognizing the strong relationships that a stepparent may have with his or her stepchildren. If you want to undertake this process yourself, it may help to first learn as much as possible about what to expect. 

Common issues that cause individuals to divorce

Many Florida residents will agree that marriages require hard work and dedication on the part of the partners to flourish. Even when partners love each other they will still experience disagreements and conflicts that can shake the foundations of their lives together, and if they are not able to overcome their differences they may seek legal ways of ending their unions. This post will explore some of the most common reasons that Americans seek divorces, but as readers are aware, they may find that their own bases to divorce are far different than what they find herein.

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