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Defend DUI charges with committed legal representation

Over the last few weeks, this Florida-based drunk driving defense legal blog offered a brief review of how a person's blood alcohol concentration may impact the type of charge that is filed against them. While a low BAC level is not an automatic indicator that a person will be charged with a less serious crime, significant legal challenges can face a person whose BAC is well above the state's legal limit of .08 percent.

Facing a high asset divorce? You can protect your interests.

During a divorce in which there are significant and valuable assets at stake, it can be complex and stressful to protect your financial interests. The end of a marriage signals major life changes for Florida couples, and this includes financial capabilities, lifestyle adjustments and even retirement plans.

BAC level may alter drunk driving charges

A drunk driving conviction can alter the course of a Florida resident's life. However, not all DUI charges are the same. Depending upon the concentration of alcohol allegedly found in a person's blood, their charges may vary. This post will examine some of the ways that BAC may influence drunk driving charges, but readers are cautioned that this post is neither comprehensive of the state's laws nor offered to provide legal advice.

Modifications can be an important part of child support

When a parent is ordered to pay child support for the financial benefit of their child, the obligation is a binding legal mandate. A Florida parent who fails to abide by the terms of their operating child support order may be penalized in a number of ways, including, but not limited to, seeing their driver's license suspended or their pay checks garnished.

Why do police officers execute field sobriety tests?

The word 'test' can send chills down the spine of any Florida resident who has ever tensed up before being subjected to a scored evaluation. While most of the tests that people must face are academic or physical in nature, there is one set of tests that no person ever wants to have to complete: field sobriety tests. These tests are administered when a law enforcement official suspects that a driver is intoxicated, oftentimes when they have made a traffic stop to determine if their suspicions are correct.

What disclosures do you have to make when selling a home?

Selling your home could be an important step for your Florida family, but there is much more involved than simply finding a person willing to buy it. As the seller, you have several obligations to any potential buyer, and you would be wise to understand these requirements fully.

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