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November 2017 Archives

Potential benefits of executing a prenuptial agreement

When a Florida couple is in the wedding planning phase of their relationship it may seem as though nothing could possibly happen that could tear their soon-to-be life apart. However, the reality of the matter is that many American marriages end in divorce. Before the partners to a couple make their union official through a legal marriage, there is an important legal option they may wish to execute to protect their financial interests in the event that their marriage is unsuccessful.

Addressing unique child custody issues in a military divorce

As a person who serves in the United States military or who is married to someone who does, you know that this service can impact various areas of life. This is especially true when a divorce affects a military family. Divorce is difficult for all Florida families, and if you are facing the prospect of a military divorce, you would be wise to take the steps necessary in order to know your rights as a service member or the spouse of one.

Don't start the New Year with a drunk driving conviction

The winter holiday season is officially here, and even though Floridians may not get to see the snow that other Americans experience during the colder months of the year they will undoubtedly be celebrating the many special days that occur during November, December, and January. The end of the year brings gatherings with co-workers and friends, family members, and loved ones, all which often include good food, conversations, and more likely than not, drinks.

Don't navigate the stress of divorce alone

No couple enters into a marriage expecting the end. Unfortunately, there are a wide range of issues that can cause two people to drift apart. When these differences can't be resolved, divorce is a very real possibility. Going through such a time can be one of the most stressful and uncertain events in one's life, but you don't have to - and shouldn't - navigate the troubles alone.

A look at child custody relocation laws

While child custody can understandably be top of mind for many parents, as life changes another concern that may be top of mind is parental relocation and parental relocation laws. When a custodial parent needs to relocate with a child, it can cause disruption and disputes and raise serious concerns related to child custody for that family.

Starting off on the right foot when starting a business

If you plan to start a business in Florida, you know that there are many important decisions you have to make. One of these is the type of business entity that works best for your vision and proposed business plan. There is much more to do than simply having a good idea and opening up shop, and you would be wise to navigate the legal issues at hand carefully and thoughtfully.

Baseball player sued in Florida for child support

Child support can be a complex issue but understanding how it is determined in Florida can help. A major league baseball player has been sued in Florida court for child support and to establish paternity of two children a woman living in Florida asserts he fathered. Miguel Cabrera has been sued by the mother of the two children for allegedly failing to provide sufficient child support for the two children he fathered with her. Though Cabrera has been married to his wife for 15 years, and has three children with her, the Florida woman alleges in her suit he fathered children with her in 2013 and 2015.

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