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What is a child support agreement?

It can be hard for two Florida residents who are going through a divorce to imagine any instances when they may find common ground on a topic and agree with each other. It is an unfortunate fact that many divorces are contentious and involve hostilities between the parties that cannot be easily worked out. Since divorce can involve conflict many individuals choose to litigate their divorces and have the support of attorneys and the courts to help them end their marriages.

Affirmative defenses to drunk driving charges

There are many reasons Florida residents should take the drunk driving charges that are made against them seriously. Aside from the embarrassment that they may experience after their arrests, they should be aware that convictions for drunk driving crimes may result in the loss of their licenses, the imposition of significant fines, and even periods of incarceration. In some cases, individuals who are fighting drunk driving charges may have defenses that they can assert to overcome their alleged crimes.

The types of construction defects that could affect your project

Investing in a Florida construction project is an expensive and lengthy endeavor. It can take months to bring it to completion, and even after that, it can take longer to ensure the interior meets your specifications. Due to the time and money that you have put into a project, defects in your project are not acceptable. 

What is a divorce waiting period?

Getting a divorce can be a complicated process if a Florida couple shares children, assets, and other items of property. Once they have filed their petitions and have begun the steps of untangling their lives from one another, the parties may have many difficult decisions to make to ensure that they are able to smoothly transition into single life. Some people wish to end their marriages as fast as possible, and while a timely end to a marriage might be possible for some, the state's waiting period requires all divorcing parties endure a short duration of time before their divorces can be finalized.

Visitation options for noncustodial parents

If a Florida parent is denied custodial rights over their child then they may have the option of seeking visitation time with them. Visitation can take on many different forms that will depend upon the nature of the relationship between the parent and their child. In general, visitation arrangements can be unsupervised, supervised, based on virtual communications, or nonexistent.

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