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Can a parent get more child support for their kids?

Getting a final order on child support can provide parents with clear expectations about how much money their kids should receive, when the money must be provided, and how long it shall be paid into the future. Florida parents who receive orders of child support may feel as though they have finished the process of dealing with support negotiations, but some may find not long after that the payments their kids are receiving are insufficient to meet their needs. Child support modifications may be available if existing orders are not enough to provide kids with the support they require.

Amazon CEO's divorce sheds light on the value of asset valuation

Shopping on Amazon is a common event in the lives of many individuals throughout the nation. Rather than going to their local big box stores or local establishments, Florida residents may submit orders through the online retail giant to deliver their purchases to their doors, sometimes even on the same day as they were requested. Due to Amazon's established place in the retail market, its CEO has become the richest man in the world.

Medical conditions can present similarly to drunk driving

Suffering from a serious medical condition can impose significant limitations on the abilities of an individual. Due to their ailment they may have to modify how they approach everyday tasks and may need to seek help to accomplish responsibilities that prior to their illness they could handle on their own. One of the biggest problems that a Florida resident may encounter when they develop a medical condition or illness is the perception that others have of them regarding the true state of their health.

How long has it been since you've had a survey of your property?

As a Florida property owner, you understand the importance of protecting your financial investment. You can protect it in various ways, including taking steps to ensure you know everything there is to know about your property. If it has been a while since you had a property survey done, it may be smart to do this in the near future. 

Can a prenuptial agreement ever be set aside during a divorce?

One of the reasons that a Florida couple may choose to create a prenuptial agreement before the parties say "I do" is to manage any expectations the parties have about their property, wealth, and its distribution should they end their relationship in a divorce. Having a valid prenuptial agreement in place can smooth out certain divorce-related negotiations by having in place a set of agreements that the parties have signed off on at a prior time. If a prenuptial agreement was properly executed and does not suffer from defects, it may be difficult to have it invalidated during a divorce.

Options for when parents don't agree on a child's best interests

Ending a marriage is a big step, but it does not generally sever any ties that the parties have to the children they share. When two Florida residents complete a divorce they are still parents to their kids and still responsible for their children's well-being. While different families may have different custodial plans put into place at the conclusion of their divorces, it is not uncommon for parents to share legal custody of their kids as they move into their post-divorce lives.

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