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Subsequent arrests can result in more serious DUI penalties

Getting through a drunk driving arrest can be a difficult and costly experience for a Florida resident. So much so that many people who suffer this unfortunate fate take pains to ensure that they will never have to go through the process again. However, not all drivers are able to avoid a repeat arrest. As a person collects drunk driving convictions on their record, the resulting penalties may become more severe.

Does your business really need non-compete agreements?

There are various things you can do to protect your Florida business, including ensuring you have the appropriate legal protections in place. One of the ways you can do this is by leveraging the benefits of business contracts, which you can use to protect and preserve important information about your company.

What does it mean to have legal custody of a child?

Last week, this Florida legal blog introduced the topic of physical custody. Physical custody is just one of the types of child custody that a parent may fight for when they go through a divorce or otherwise create a parenting plan with their child's other parent. This week's post will discuss the topic of legal custody and, as always, readers are asked to seek their own legal advice for their pending custody issues, as this blog does not provide legal guidance.

What does it mean to have sole custody of a child?

A child custody case can resolve in a unique arrangement of time-sharing and parental cooperation to ensure that a Florida child spends sufficient time with each of their parents and that their parents are both involved in their life. However, in some cases a parent may be denied custodial power of their child. This denial can apply to both their rights to physical and legal custody. Physical custody refers to where a child physically resides, while legal custody is the right to make important decisions for a child, including those involving education and medical treatment.

Penalties for failing to pay child support

A child support order creates a binding obligation in a parent to provide their child or children with financial support pursuant to the terms of the document. When a Florida parent does not meet this important obligation, then there are several different enforcement remedies that state authorities may employ to compel them into action. This post will discuss several of those enforcement mechanisms, but readers are cautioned that the information provided herein is not offered as guidance nor is it comprehensive.

We fight for what is important to you in your divorce

It is an absolute truth that divorce is a common event in the lives of Floridians. Although not all individuals will marry and later go through the process of legally breaking their marital bonds to their partners, it is an event that impacts the lives of countless couples and families. However, just because divorce is common does not mean that every divorce is the same.

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