New Year means a crush of new divorce filings

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A person can file for divorce any time of the year, but there is one time when more people take the steps to end their marriages than any other – in January. Across the country America sees an increase divorce filings following New Year’s Day through March. It is not uncommon for people to want to keep their families together through the holidays or to make resolutions that involve finding happiness. Yet, once the luster of that magical time of year fades away, many are left with unhappy marriages that they determine must come to an end. For this reason, January has become known as “divorce month.”.

A psychotherapist and an attorney have noted some factors that may become exacerbated during the holidays that may lead some couples down the path to divorce. For example, when couples cannot agree about money they may be more likely to end their marriages than those that can discuss financial topics with peace. The holidays are a time when many families overspend, which means it can be a stressful time for married couples.

Also, partners who cannot talk to each other about other aspects of their lives may be closer to divorce than others. This lack of communication can be especially problematic during the holidays when individuals often spend a lot of time with their significant others. If they find that they cannot communicate, then they may be ready to file for divorce when the calendar changes over.

January divorces are not uncommon, but neither are divorces throughout the other eleven months of the year. To learn more about the divorce process, readers may want to speak with Florida family law so that they can move forward with marriage dissolution with confidence.

Source: Business Insider, “January is ‘divorce month’ – a lawyer and a psychotherapist break down the top signs a marriage about to dissolve,” Shana Lebowitz, Jan. 12, 2018

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