Subsequent arrests can result in more serious DUI penalties

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Getting through a drunk driving arrest can be a difficult and costly experience for a Florida resident. So much so that many people who suffer this unfortunate fate take pains to ensure that they will never have to go through the process again. However, not all drivers are able to avoid a repeat arrest. As a person collects drunk driving convictions on their record, the resulting penalties may become more severe.

For example, a first-time drunk driver who is convicted may face up to six months in jail if that is the sentence handed down by the court. If that person is arrested for suspected drunk driving and convicted again, their period of incarceration may extend up to nine months.

If an individual is hit with a fourth drunk driving conviction, then they may face incarceration of up to five years. Readers of this post can clearly see a disturbing trend unfolding: the more convictions a person incurs for violating the state’s drunk driving laws, the more significant the penalties they can face during the sentencing phases of their trials.

Knowing that one’s punishment could be heavier than what their previous drunk driving sanction was should push a person to take action. While legal outcomes cannot be predicted and all drunk driving cases proceed on their own facts, individuals who have faced drunk driving charges in the past can benefit from working with defense attorneys who understand what is at stake during a subsequent drunk driving trial. With the help of a drunk driving defense attorney, an individual may prepare the defense strategy they need to mitigate or eliminate the potential penalties they face.

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