Do you need more than a good realtor when buying a house?

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Purchasing a home in Florida is a significant legal and financial transaction. There is an element of financial risk involved with any home purchase, but there are certain things you can do to lower your risk for costly surprises and additional complications.

Many people think all they need when buying a home is to seek the assistance of a real estate agent. While agents often have vast experience and knowledge of real estate law, there are certain things they cannot do. When you are considering making such an important decision, you need an experienced legal ally by your side to ensure the protection of your rights and your long-term interests.

What can a lawyer really do for me?

You may be unsure that you want to assume the extra cost associated with hiring a lawyer when buying a house. However, complications with your contract and other incidents could lead to expensive costs long into the future. Some of the things that your real estate lawyer can do for you when buying a home include the following: 

  • Ensure that there are no vague or unclear terms in your contract that could cause you trouble in the future
  • Help you draft purchase agreements that are reasonable, fair and do not expose you to an unnecessary financial risk
  • Help you with your title search and other details
  • Protect your rights and fight for your interests in the event of a contract dispute or other issue 

Buying a home is an exciting time, but there is a lot at stake. You could face unnecessary risks and unpleasant extra costs if you do not have legal protection during this process. If you are unsure whether you really need a lawyer to buy a home, you can seek an evaluation of your case simply to better understand your legal options and your rights as buyer. 

Buying a better future for your family 

When buying a house, you would be prudent to ensure you are not also buying extra problems as well. From the necessary disclosures to drafting a strong contract, a lawyer experienced in these types of transactions can be a great benefit for you and your family.

Before you make an important legal decision that will affect your family for years to come, do your due diligence. Take the time to learn how to protect yourself and minimize your chance of facing extra costs down the road that you were not expecting.

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