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An arrest for alleged drunk driving can be an unexpected and terrifying experience. In a moment’s time a driver may be on their way home and suddenly confronted with a law enforcement official, a series of sobriety tests, and accusations that do not match with the truth of the situation. When this happens to a Florida resident it is important that they know what they can do to protect themselves.

Individuals accused of drunk driving have the right to seek their own legal counselors when it comes to mounting defenses. They do not have to explain themselves to their arresting officers, and they can work with skilled attorneys to fight in an attempt to overcome the allegations that have been lodged against them.

Drunk driving cases can proceed on different sets of facts and circumstances. Competent drunk driving defense attorneys will work with their clients to establish the true facts of what occurred at the times they were arrested. Depending upon the conduct of the arresting officer, the field sobriety tests that were conducted in an attempt to confirm the driver’s lack of sobriety, and a number of other important factors, a defense attorney may be able to help their client avoid the serious consequences of a drunk driving conviction.

The attorneys of Winter, Spires & Associates understand that a drunk driving conviction can significantly change the course of a person’s life. They work with individuals who are facing their first, second, and subsequent drunk driving allegations and support them as they make informed decisions about how to approach their legal options. Information on the firm’s drunk driving defense practice can be found on its website.

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