How do you get child support from the other parent?

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There are different ways that parents in Florida can go about seeking child support payments from their co-parents. Depending upon the relationships that they have with their former partners, individuals may find that certain paths are easier than others for them to seek the support that their children need. It is useful for individuals seeking answers to this question to get more information about family law and how best to approach this important matter.

One way that parents may arrive at a child support plan is through the creation of an agreement. A child support agreement is like other contracts, in that it spells out the obligations and expectations of the parents with regard to how they will support their children. An agreement concerning child support should contain provisions that stipulate important information, such as when parents are to make payments and for how long those payments will be made. Parents can have their family law courts accept the agreements to give them judicial authority and enforcement powers.

Parents can also seek to have courts establish child support plans for them. When parents cannot work together with their attorneys to negotiate their own child support schedules, then they may require the assistance of a judge. A child support hearing is generally initiated through a petition to the court or may be included in another family law proceeding, such as a divorce.

Children should be supported by both of their parents and when child support is needed parents have options for getting plans put into place.

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